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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The ( ) in My Heart

I dont know ,why I'm posting this today.. But something is pushing me to do this today !

Up until now I've never had an official girlfriend. Then again, I've never had an unofficial one either.

I've also never held a girl's hand, much less kissed one -- but that's not to say that I've never thought about it, for I have, many times, just never had the opportunity. Or if I did, I didn't take it.

My love life had always been rather barren. Like a desert that requires no water but always welcomes rain,

I've lived a perfectly normal life without romance, though always harbouring a secret longing for it.

Have I ever fallen in love with any girl? Yes, of course; a few times in fact. :)

I used to say to couple of my friends "Greater the expectations , there comes greater the disappointments" !

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Venkat said...

Get Married man..looks like u need to..

The day I felt like posting such entries.., i asked my mother to start looking..;-)