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Monday, June 12, 2006

Yahoo Buzz

I really like the site Yahoo buzz . You can read variety of informations in this site.

Yahoo will give you the most searched word ( music and movies) for that week through this link.

As we guessed right , this week most searched word is " World cup " .

Angelina Jolie (59) stood second , I think this search may be after her child birth.

One of the interesting stuff is :

Is the Web a wealth of knowledge? Some people say you can't trust anything you find on the Internet, while others swear by it to answer all of life's questions. While our beliefs fall somewhere in between the two extremes, we do have data on the top 20 "how-to" questions on the Web. Here's how they stand...

  1. How to Tie a Tie
  2. How to Write a Resume
  3. How to Draw
  4. How to Lose Weight
  5. How to Get Pregnant
  6. How to Kiss
  7. How to Draw Anime
  8. How to Gain Weight
  9. How to Make Money
  10. How to Play Guitar
  1. How to Write a Bibliography
  2. How to Play Poker
  3. How to Write a Cover Letter
  4. How to Dance
  5. How to Start a Business
  6. How to Levitate
  7. How to Build a Deck
  8. How to Make Coffee
  9. How to Write a Book
  10. How to Flirt

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