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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Need to SHUT my mouth

I can not shut my mouth and let things go. I am driving everyone crazy with it.
I am sick of me. No one is disputing that I might have valid points, just that they don't want to hear them a thousand times.
I seem to think I can save people from everything by talking. Some things they don't even need to be saved from...
I just think that they do because you know I always have to be right too.

* I want to Keep my ears open and my mouth shut

* The only thing that can come out of my mouth is something I already know.

I WANT to Shut up and start learning !

Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas how to stop?


Venkat said...

I do Karthi.., it's a good thing you are conscious about it as it can frustrate you more than change anybody.

Understanding the following would help :

the world is the way it is, for a reason.

there are reasons for the right thing to happen, there are reasons for wrong things to happen.

we do not or cannot alter anything, if we have managed to change something, in reality it is fate or destiny that made us inflict the change.

so, the faster we learn to accept, we will be able to focus on things that we actually need to focus on..

continue to be conscious and try to fight the feeling of correcting something unless you are explicitly asked for it.

karthikeyan said...

Ammam Venky ,

only conscious attempt will help me.

Need a mentor for this.

Rajni said...


I find your post funny :))

Frankly, I do not think you have such a problem, since I do know you quite well.

I really don't think you should change...you don't need to...in this aspect.

Change does not always make a person better necessarily....you might just lose out the real you in the process of changing for becoming better for the sake of other people.

So my advice is....stick to what you are...and don't care so much about the world :))

And...enjoy life


karthikeyan said...

Rajni ..

I'm saying this because I got some NICE experiences in the recent past.

Both professionally and personally !

So , I was/willbe in DEEP trouble if I didnt follow this.

Venkat said...

Rajni : "Not caring for the world"
is not possible and not sensible.

If Karthi really has the problem of offering advice when not solicited.., trust me it should be overcome.

you dont need a mentor karthi.., just be conscious of it.., over time you'll lose the habit.

ranju venkat said...

No idea abt what made you to take up this decision...

And the other thing is..i dont know much abt u...

but as far as i know u, u are very very talkative...rather an FM radio..;-)

But i guess most of the people around you enjoy your company... like i do...:-)))

Yes it is very much true... more often we tend to land up in trouble when we talk more than required...

I can suggest you two things( hehehe)

1. Think of the following quotes:
( I really liked these and wished/wish i could follow)
" When you have nothing pleasant to say about some thing or somebody...keep silence. For this silence is the faithfulness to Divines Will"---- Annai(

"God grant me the serenity to -accept the things i cannot change,
the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference"
---- definetly not me( Anonymous)

2. or why dont u try keeping "mouna vrath" for a day...;-). i dont know how far you can follow this...even i cannot keep silence for long.But keeping silence and observing people around you definetly helps..


karthikeyan said...

Thanks ranjani :) I will try to follow your clues .