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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beer Opener with counter

The BottleSpy is simply a bottle opener and you can probably start some beer popping game. It also reminds you that you should stop with the number shown on LCD, because you’ll know how much you need to pay for the bill tonight.

Every time you open a bottle with the BottleSpy it will store and display the total number of drinks consumed to date. This is great for confirming exactly how many bottles you have managed to consume, and maybe to alert you of the fact that you need to call it a day or slow down a bit.


karthik said...

Handy one ;) n nice flickr photos :)

Rajni said...


Cool gadget!!!

However, there are lots of people who would not want to see the figure displayed on the LCD :))

karthikeyan said...

Yes, you are right rajni.

But If a wife want to control her husband drink ,she can use that.