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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sun Opens Java

For the past 11 years, Java technology has enabled developers to Write Once, Run Anywhere. Sun's commitment to compatibility and choice has made Java the most widely deployed application platform. Java technology is currently used on more than 4 billion devices worldwide, and the Java ME platform ships on more than eight of every 10 mobile handsets.

Sun believes Java technology has reached the right level of maturity, adoption, and innovation—with widespread use across enterprises and devices—to move into the next stage of its evolution. In the largest single contribution under the GNU GPL, Sun is releasing all of its key Java implementations under this widely respected free-software license:

Open-Source Java SE:
Today Sun is releasing the source code for the Java HotSpot virtual machine, the Java programming language compiler (javac), and JavaHelp online help software. Release of a fully buildable Java SE Development Kit (JDK) based nearly entirely on open-source code is expected in the first half of 2007.

Open-Source Java ME:
Sun is first releasing the source code for Sun's Java ME Feature Phone implementation based on Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), which currently enables rich mobile data services in more than 1.5 billion handsets, and the source code for the Java ME testing and compatibility kit (TCK) framework. Later this year, Sun will release additional source code for the Advanced Operating System Phone implementation for based on the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) specification and the framework for the Java Device Test Suite.

New Developer Communities: Tapping its experience in building dynamic and transparent open-source communities, Sun is launching the OpenJDK Community and the Mobile & Embedded Community to support developer participation in evolving the open-source JDK and open-source Java ME implementations respectively.

For more news visit :http://www.sun.com/2006-1113/feature/story.jsp

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