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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nokia Tattoo


Check out this branding ad for Nokia's new Tattoo phone. The graphics are really intriguing - you quickly get the sense of connection and spreading something beautiful and affective. Still, it's subtle. If you're not looking at the television, you'd miss the entire thing. The music isn't captivating. There is no VO. And, if you're half watching, the slithery tattoos are still subtle, elusive.

Here's the counter to my counter - Nokia is looking for early adopters, people looking for the next hot thing. I think maybe they'd watch. Or, better, seek it out. And the tag and close are pretty strong.

Great product name. We walk around with these phones glued to our faces, talking about what model we're addicted to and why we love our special carrier. Portable, disposable, pricey tattoos. Nice.

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